Finding Your Passion: The Soul’s Choice Card

The Soul's Fire

completed Soul's Choice card

My dining table is an ongoing feast. Whenever I am not nourishing the body from it, I am nourishing my soul. Small office equipment  sits on the broad end where a now grown and gone daughter used to sit. A short stack of books occupies the queen’s position where I used to sit facing my husband in the days before “the great downsizing”–back when the dining table was just a place to eat.

I collect information like some people collects rocks or bugs or baseball cards. Of course, if you had been following the Job Gypsy Card Game development, you already know that. That’s my “Learner” strength in full glory.  Right now, buried in the perma-frost of paper  on my desk/dining table there is a scrap of paper with some thoughts scribbled down while in a hospital waiting room a few years ago.  I was between jobs and the perennial question that kept popping up every time I completed a project was, “What is your life worth?” My eye was drawn to the cover of “O” magazine promising an article about significance and work on the lamp stand. In it was a wee questionnaire that asked,” Does your job feed your soul?”

I remember the briny, fiery tears of frustration rolling down my face when I recognized what a black hole working was for me.

No. My job does not feed my soul. It diminishes me and makes no use of  any of the skills or talents I enjoy using.

That moment in a hospital waiting room changed my life forever. In the last few weeks we have been working to pull together from several sources intelligence about the self. The big idea is to lay it all out side by side; to see it all from a bird’s eye view to come to the conclusion of a career/life direction. “What Color Is Your Parachute” does this in the “flower” exercise. All the results of the sorters are put on that “one piece of paper”.

woodcut of 12 century pre-scientist
The Alchemist

Another way of wrapping the head around the idea is  envisioning it as a process of dropping in all the elements into a crucible. Now, it is time for it to be blackened into the first of its forms so you’ve got to have the fire to do that. The fire is your soul’s choice; your personal reason for moving to do things; your MO. This is the your life’s value system-belief system-ordered way of looking at the world card; short lists of the story content behind our actions.  These lists are  2 five jewel strands of what you determine to be what you value most in life is the first list. NB: these are life values, not career related values.

There is a life values test at “What’s Next” / It’s free. go here:  Also, there is a values sorter included in the pages of that job hunters’ fave, Bolles’ annual, “What Color Is Your Parachute?”.

Play this little game:   If you do it with awareness and thoughtfulness, it could be enlightening and it’s free. I like this game. It’s fast and surprisingly good.

the  second list would be valuable to me,  to people of faith and to anyone who believes that Heaven gives “gifts” or special abilities to be used in the service of  mankind and the Faith.  For me (remember the Christian base I told you about) it is one more confirmation–in case I doubted any of the information gathered before. Some may question the validity or the value of this card, but I think this is an extremely important card because  it points  thinking toward seeking to join companies, ministries, organizations or a groups whose “mission statement” ( its value system) matches. Case in point: if your #1value is peace between people, will you ever knowingly work for a firm that creates code to be used to build weapons? If you do, how do you reconcile yourself with that?

You can Google “spiritual gifts” and find a good free test. Team Ministries is a good way to go.

Of course the main thing is to come up with at least five things that are extremely important to you in life…your value system. As you can see, my main concern is to be in “The Will” or have a close relationship with God. Quite correct, because everything else, believe it or not flows out of this very top concern. I judge all things in the light of whether or not it will add to or subtract from my relationship with God/spiritual power base/Divine Mandate/Will of God.

Just to have a bit of fun, Google, “4 humors“. There are several pre-Freudian personality constructions. Thinkers have always been curious about why people seem to fall under one of several “temperaments” or “types”. Aristotle had his theory.  I would fall under, “melancholic”/humor dominated by the element, “black bile”. No biggie. From one extreme end to the other so were the Old Testament prophet, Nathan, medieval St. John of the Cross, Robert Burns and Edgar Allan Poe. If I were career hunting in the 12th century, I would have joined a cloistered religious order and probably would have become its Mother Superior over the course of a career. Modernity makes things so complicated!

See you next time when we draw the last card and roll out the full spread.


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