Your Strengths, Your Code and Your Divine Mandate

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“Connection”. Find image at:
completed strengths and interests card

This week we will use some research on yourself  to make the second of the series of four cards in our Job Gypsy game. Remember we began with the premise that if we brought different kinds of data together in one place we could more clearly discern our own “Divine Mandate” or our “sense of purpose”. At least we would have created a vehicle with enough hard intelligence to be able to take a good educated guess. I thought the image above from was so cool because it is the best visual I have ever seen of my personal understanding of “connectedness”–my #2 strength, and “learner”, my #3 strength. It’s like this:strength#1 acts to feed strengths#2 and #3 to make strengths#4 and #5 happen in the real world.  My Holland code gives me a clue about the best kinds of jobs to use my strengths in.

You need two things to complete the “strengths and interests” card. First, you need to get your top 5 strengths from the results you get after you take Tom Rath’s  “Strengthsfinder2.o”.  You can find the book in your local Barnes and Noble or on When you buy the book, an individual numerical key in the back of the book (check your purchase for thieves) that will admit you to the website. There, you will get a readout of your test. You can see my top 5 strengths on my card (at left).

Then, you will need your Holland Code. Mine is “AES”, on the bottom of my card. You first meet the work of John Holland when you contact the Richard Bolles’ career classic, “What Color is Your Parachute” in the “Party Exercise“. At the completion of the party exercise you will have your three letter Holland Code. By the way, this code translates  into work “groups”, “categories” or “concentrations” in the DOT (Directory of Occupational Titles). If you take a career test at any Career One Stop center, as I did, you will find the test combines your Holland Code with another “talent” finder (feeler). The result will lay your Holland Code beside your talent/potential score in a table. The premise is that you may have strong interest in something, but may not have the talent to succeed in it. I have actually had one talent stated that I did not display any interest in! Likewise I found I had talent in places I pray I will use extremely little in my next career. As I have heard it said, “never mistake skill for desire”. Just because you’re good at it does not mean you will want to make a career doing it. You may find surprises in this little research journey that could take you into a whole new successful direction. You never know. Keep an open heart.

Sometimes you will have to take these things with a pinch of salt… I chose  purple for the oval at the top of my card in spite of the fact of a change in dominance my “third eye” (blue) over my “crown chakra” (purple). I now have lived so that there is less of a tendency to over-intellectualize things. Hey, I had to add a little fun. Find the chakra test here:  You may make yours any color you like or leave it white until you feel like coloring it in. Do your homework and I’ll see you next time when we make the third card.


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