Temperment and Discovering Your Passion

Keirsey Personality Sorter Dominant Color Card

Keirsey Green Dominant INFJGreen dominant/Blue secondary

As we continue building our “Job Gypsy Game”, we continue the discussion about finding passion, or discovering the “Devine Mandate”. We are going to build four cards together. The first one comes from the results of the Keirsey temperament Sorter. The Keirsey temperament Sorter asks a bank of questions and yields results  in a series of letters that stand for different traits. I had a career coach friend help me to get accurate results from mine. This a also strange: I changed over the years.  I habitually do tests like this every 5 years or so and compare them to keep current of the trajectory of my personal change over time.

There is a free version online. Go here: http://www.keirsey.com/sorter/instruments2.aspx?partid=0

At left you see a version my first card. According to Dr. Keirsey, people generally tend to be either introverted or extroverted. Then, they fall under one of four “temperaments”: guardian (yellow), Idealist(green), Rational (blue), or artisan (red). Next, within a temperament, there is a dominant and a subordinate. So, for example, I am a dominant green (idealist), but I have a minor blue (rational).

green temperment with minor

Green dominant/Blue secondary

If you follow the Keirsey system, your dominant temperament breaks down into four flavors or kinds within  temperaments. For example, in the green group there are “counselors”, “teachers”, “champions” and “healers”. This is key: they are related but by no means the same. Write in the “flavor” of your dominant inside the oval below your dominant temperament (See example at right). Color the oval at the top of the card in your dominant color. Write your code below the oval. Write your minor temperament “undertone” in its own color on the bottom of the card.

NB: This game is a solitary enterprise, yet you can “play beside” a neighbor. As I say, “we walk our paths separately together, but not alone”.  Your personal playing mat represents your “personality context”, either white or black: white for extrovert; black for introvert. You find that out from the sorter. Of course, you’ll find out the method in my madness next time! Why not have fun with this? Plus, hey, if you wait until we’re all finished, it will come out in a download for purchase.


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