Four Temperments, Four Colors and Finding Your Passion

ancestor of science

The Alchemist

Last time I sent you off to do some homework about finding out what “color” your personality was and I sent you here: This is Carolyn Kalil’s “Follow your true colors to the work you love”. 

The next colors test is the Keirsey Temperment Sorter II, found here: Warning: I was a third grade teacher. Do your homework. Plus, I really think you just may find them extremely interesting.

Guess what else I have done in the meantime? I took “Strengthfinder 2.0” by T. Rath. You can find the book at Go here:

I highly recommend buying this book as one of the best things you could ever do for your career, if you are seeking direction and want to know yourself better. There is a single-use code in the back of the work that you can use to make max benefit of the website and get your personalized report. I am reading it and comparing the results with what I got from the Kirsey Temperment Sorter.

People have always been curious about human personality types going back beyond classical times.  This one dates to the middle ages–the “four humours”: I became  intrigued earlier in my life with this ancient form of temperment and personality typing. Just for a laugh, try to find yourself in this midaeval methodology and lay it beside the more modern instruments. It might be enlightening or crazy or it might make a picture of yourself clearer.

Does it all begin  to sound like “the sorting hat” for you? If you were going to school at Hogwarts, which house would YOU be in anyway? I’m a Ravenclaw. Could you figure out my dominant color just from knowing that?