Victoree’s Shape-shifting Job Gypsy Game

Art Deco Frame

Art Deco Frame found in Dover Publications

Last week, we began a discussion about finding “the divine mandate” or one’s “life passion”. As I told you, I had difficulty confidently answering the question, “what do you really want to do?” and “what is your passion?” I became whatever was needed where needed. While making a living as a “temp”; a “job gypsy”, I habitually ignored my own innate passion. Being able to actually connect with work and actually enjoy what I did to make money seemed to be a fairy tale to me. Being able to make meaning at work? Ludicrous! My sense of direction, my inner compass became confused.

Let’s invent a game.

I’m going to give it a working name. I’ll  name it after me, “Victoree’s  Shape Shifting Job Gypsy Card Game”. I sourced the art deco cards from the free Dover art collection you can get every week here: It’s a favorite frame I originally used for my personal scrap booking project about the election of 2008. I’ll share it with you one day only if enough readers ask.  You can  find the Dover Art series of  clip art books at any Borders Book Store in the art and design section.

The object of this game is to come closer to finding out your “true work”.  Any number can play. Caveat: This game is meant for entertainment only and is not in any way meant to substitute for professional career counseling. Yes, I know your career is nothing to play with, but, I have found out in my short lifetime that games can teach.   (look me up on Linked In. I do hold the M. Ed. in elementary education. Theory is from Piaget.) Approaching new things through play is a time and teacher honored way to deal with a scary subject. Mr. Rogers said, “You can play about it”.

This game is the result of my months of reading career search books and taking various self-administered tests. The object of all this research  is to  gather together as much intelligence about  the self as possible to  determine a career direction more accurately.  The research will be then used to fill out the face of the cards. When we finish making the cards, we will begin the real play.

The game approaches self-knowledge from multiple “ways of seeing”  and is most valuable as a sort of “compass”. This is my theory: looking at yourself from as many angles as possible helps build a truer picture. It helps jump over the fences of how we have been conditioned to think about ourselves. Remember my comments about a six-year-old running an adult life a few weeks ago in, “Sit down and shut up little girl“? That’s what I mean by conditioned thinking about the self.  I have found a binder and a highlighter useful while doing the research.

First, let’s do your colors and  decide whether you’re an “out-ie” or an “in-ie” (extroverted or introverted).  I’m inventing and playing concurrently with you. If you come up with suggestions to tweak it,  comment about it. I hope you’ll gain knowledge and have fun.

So, are you introverted or extroverted? Blue, red, green or gold? Find out at: