Somebody Lied To Me:Job Loss and Identity 2

We believed a lie. We bought into an erroneous theory. We believed what “they” told us. We swallowed American social myths whole and unchewed.

Now we are confused. “Holy Moses; I have have been deceived!” We feel gypped (taken for a fool by a gypsy!). We’ve been hit by… a smooth criminal!. somebody betrayed us. This was not how it was supposed to be. We worked hard. We stayed off the streets and out of jail. And this is the reward we get? We feel betrayed.

Shelly Scriba noticed a general trend in the thought behavior of the children of the “greatest generation”, the “boomers” and talks about it in her article at the  Boomer Cafe Sheila Denton of the Boomers Next Step group on Linked In began a lively discussion about that article going on right now.

Review last week’s  blog about how for some people job loss=identity loss: Shapeshifter: Sense of Identity and Job Loss.

Somewhere along the line we believed the propaganda that if we worked hard and got good grades, we would land good paying jobs, succeed in our careers, have nice homes in the safe suburbs and live perfect lives. After all, we good, clean Americans deserved it (?!) Anybody who deviated from that hallowed path was branded “failure”. We would stay with one company until they gave us our watch and roses just like our parents did. We planned to live on our employer assisted retirement  accounts until death did us part. We expected that spending retirement days chilling out at the beach and going fishing would be enough.



2 thoughts on “Somebody Lied To Me:Job Loss and Identity 2


    Lily Tomlin had two of my favorite lines in her show, “The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe”

    Regarding women’s lib: “If I had know that ‘having it all’ was going to be so exhausing I would have wished for less”

    Lies our parents told us: “If it makes you happy it makes me happy.”


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