Capital Letter P on background of fire

Fire is a friend and a foe

As promised, this begins a series of comments on the subject of  “passion/sense of calling/life mission”. 

One cravat: my worldview is unapologetically Christian, so my foundation belief is that living life on earth in a human  body has a purpose; that each human being comes to earth for a reason. I invite all my friends who may become offended to not read any of the articles that may be  distasteful. You’re allowed to stop by later.  Please. I listen to any and all babblings, but I truly abhor the philosophy of the thought leader of the last century, Nietzsche. Ideas in line with his I will not entertain. Period.

I envision my general work on earth is to discover the “Devine Mandate” (my name for it) for my life and to work that purpose out. While I do that, I must help others on their journey finding their Devine Mandates.  Whether the preferred term is passion, purpose, calling, Devine Mandate or bliss– career experts say finding it will lead toward one’s  authentic, true work. There is an unpaved path called in Zen, “right livelihood”, but it is a totally different subject. One article from a favorite blog, Discover Your Dharma, is a meditation about calling. I found this inspiring:

Click the next article after it and you will find one method to use to arrive at passion. I had to read it over and over until it finally made sense. See also, Dr. S. Covey’s “The 8th Habit” Finding Your Voice. You can say that I am one of Dr. Covey’s philosophical offsprings. You may find this piece about Dr. Covey from Success magazine interesting:

Discovering one’s own passion is only a part of the overall picture, though. A passion is like a fire and unharnessed fires are dangerous. In my short lifetime I have learned that harnessing the fire within is an important lesson.

Suppose you can’t put your hands on what you really want to do with your life because you’re so global? Welcome to the  club. From my point of view, maybe it is a more a matter of asking the right question correctly:

  • what on earth is it that moves you to action?
  • What do you actually treasure?

It is said that your heart will be found wherever your “treasure”/what you care most about  is.  To get to the heart is the object of discovering the central passion; the golden thread in life. Maybe one of many very good talent/interest/skill tests might help with the self research. It’s from another favorite site,  :

It’s  a great value system test that can help cut through a lot of emotional smog very quickly.

You might want to start there to get a good overall look at what you really “treasure”. When  I took it, I found no surprises. So now, let’s begin to unravel the ball of yarn called, “Devine Mandate”, or, “passion”, or, “sense of calling”.

To the adventure,