The New Indenture System-Contractacting

It has become “cool” to do consultant work between long jobs these days. More people taking this option makes it harder for us real “job gypsies”. I used to make a living working short-term projects out of several staffing agencies. It has its merits, but I’ve got to let you know that certain not-so-nice things come with being a contractor. Living with low stability is one of them. For instance, there was the hospital that did not bother itself to let me know that the need for my services was over before I showed up. There was the flower import company manager that objected to my taking nuts out of the bowl in the same way the employees did at a holiday party. Always being a stranger and an alien –not privy to the fine points of company culture–has a bit of a sting. You really are on your own.

This one is from Career Diva “don’t eat the boss’ salad”. This is a reality of “free agency”–the “new indenture system”.  .