Job Seeking And The Law Of The Harvest

bowl of fresh summer fruit

A Bountiful Harvest


Do you know what the strangest secret is? You become what you think about most of the time. Many have struck upon this “secret” hidden in plain sight. Napoleon Hill–he’s got to be the grandaddy of motivation– quoted another wise man from ancient history who said, “A man is what he thinks”. This is a strange, but true thing. Your mind, like the land, does not care what you plant, but what will come up is exactly what you plant. In other words, it’s the law of reaping and sowing. 

I translate it like this: if the condition of being unemployed occupies my thoughts, that is all I will see; all I will listen to. I will look for any scrap of evidence available to strengthen the position statement (belief). Working from this mindset, I will begin to deny myself “the good stuff” and begin to substitute “the cheap stuff”. I will work myself into the ground because of  the belief that taking time to rest and restore is self indulgent. Quality of life suffers for being too tired to have creative ideas. What I sowed into the soil of my mind is “scarcity”, so what sprung up out of that thought soil is “poverty”. Please allow me to share this with you: 

 This is passed on from the Dan Miller blog, another of my fave blogs. As we enter the season of the equinox, I bid everyone a bountiful harvest season in the job search. 



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  1. It is dificult to keep a positive mindset when unemployed. What I do is make finding my next job my job. When one opportunity deosnt workout I say to my self well I am closer now then I was before.


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