Could a Midlife Lady be a Garage Pin-up?

early sedan

Umm...not really what I had in mind

My job search  has  run out of steam. Some people get discouraged and quit at this point. How to respond to being in this place in the search becomes a serious challenge. There has been no fruit on the networking vines for a little while, so I turned to the job board “search agents”  I set up to scout leads.

Now, we all know–as does any sales account manager–without fresh leads business will dry up. I create search agents to “prime the pump”; to suggest things to my chain-reference type mind (one idea prompts another). Search “agents” from my tried and trusted job board aggregators are a puzzle sometimes. Lately, I’ve been casting for bass and drawing up old boots. Look what one agent dragged  in for me:

Car show model.

Car show model? I’m not 20, shapely and blond. How about, within striking distance of 60, plush in places and graying?  I can just see it now. What a Laugh. At the end it says, “paid gig”. Yeah. So the money is so attractive that I would actually consider caressing a luxury car’s door handle suggestively as I lounge across its broad, smooth hood?  Sometimes the feedback I get from my agents is negative acceptable.

Truthfully, I could put on my mom jeans, grab my tool bag and  hop a John Deere.  Believe it, a garden tractor or a rototiller I could relate to. A pose on either might even encourage every American in this economic morass to get into an entrepreneurial mind-set–plant victory gardens instead of lawns.

What I  am really beginning to think is that the job board well is a dry hole and it’s time to fire my agents– or at least retrain them.