Sit Down, and Shut Up, Little Girl!

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Little Sister Sally lives in a leisure village now

Is it time for some beliefs about who you are to take an update? I know it is popular to “listen to your inner child“.  This advice sounds so romantically correct, but there are times when you have just got to take your inner child in hand. I had to snatch my “inner child” and tell her outright, “sit down and shut up, little girl!” Clinging to  “Toddle logic” in the job hunt has to be seen for what it is: life being run by a six year old!  Click the link below to “Discover Your Dharma” , “What is Your Inner Critic Telling You?”

Does your inner critic sound remarkably like how you saw yourself as a second grader? In the self-assessments done early in the job hunt certain basic alleged “truths” need to be exposed to the light of the sunlight of adulthood. Something somebody pronounced (a family member; a teacher)  in elementary school, like “your’re not good at math- art- science- sports- English” (you name it) might not be true any more.  Look hard. Do you really think what was true about the eight-year-old- you is still the fact? Does it make good sense to base a career upon the judgement of a person whose point of view was three and a half feet off the ground?