When Beauty Problems Become Professional Problems

Having facial hair caused a dark cloud of doubt to follow me around about my sexuality and my character since I was 12 years old.  Having to wear thick lensed glasses too just dog piled on the usual issues assaulting an already delicate teenaged self esteem.  Ancient sayings about vanity aside, when a woman is seeking employment there are  some personal “beauty” challenges that can become professional problems. Regardless what an individual  woman’s personal stance is on beauty, The United States of America today still has an extremely youth oriented, “image” mad culture. Mass media and the beauty industry are not helping.

The reality is that the population is aging. However, America does not like what natural aging looks like. The Boom generation, now aged 45-65,  is going to have to take the bull by the horns in changing how America thinks about beauty and aging. Maybe then recruiters and potential employers will be more reality based in their views about beauty and aging too.

They won’t dare tell you this to your not-so-pretty, grey-headed, fat old face, but potential employers prefer attractive people according to some interesting research in Newsweek called, “The Beauty Advantage”.  In these days when competition for jobs is so fierce, presentation becomes everything in the interview– especially if the job has anything to do with marketing in any form.  So, some beauty problems must be attended to in order to deny potential employers any reason to toss your app in the can because of appearance.  Be aware that these “beauty challenges” can become professional problems:

  • Wearing wrong size clothing
  • Wearing too trendy clothing for a non-fashion industry position
  • Obesity
  • Dated clothing/accessories
  • Inappropriate clothing
  • Grey hair
  • Facial  hair on women
  • BO
  • Dirty, unkempt fingernails
  • Shiny, dangly, jingling  jewelry
  • Perfume

This is the short list. You can add much more according to your experience in interviews.

Lastly, on the subject of female facial hair, this article may be of interest and may raise a little consciousness:


Laura Yakas’ research paper entitled, Femininity, Sexuality and Body Hair:The Female Body Hair(less) Ideal speaks about the negative judgement made of women with facial hair.