…And They Don’t Like “Virgins” Either

Queen Victoria wedding portrait
Queen Victoria, the bride

I mentioned in an earlier discussion that prospective employers do not like job hoppers. Well, let me tell you something else: they don’t like virgins either.   You see, brothers and sisters, these are the rules of engagement of the job hunting game–and it is a game:

  1. Present a “winner” career history
  2. Be able to prove you can do the job by having done it before
  3. Act like you’re not unemployed

I know the last one is wild, but it is true. Career counselors know this. Being a veteran job hunter (the essence of working actors’ and freelancers’ lives–looking for work), I have always known about this. However, in my travels, no potential employer I interviewed with had guts enough to actually speak “the rule that cannot be named”, out loud. Go to Career Diva and read about one employer in Florida who did.  This is causing a firestorm of comments in my alumni Linked In group. Companies are being outed about the secret of rule two.

If you have read enough research and listened to enough advice (because you, like I, have been unattached a LONG time) you also know that being young, tall, slim, good-looking and extroverted gives you power balls.  They who do not have the power balls had better know incantations and get magic weapons. I’m a sorceress. What about you?

Now, rule number two is the reason anybody who is just recently entering the workforce or is changing career fields (jumpers!) will have such a hard time making a convincing case in an interview. The reasons are the same as they were for the breakup with my first boyfriend in college.  Neither potential employers nor recruiters like to know their company is “your first”.

Rule number two is why Distributive Education exists. Rule number two is why internships exist. Rule number two is why working summer jobs is so important. Potential employers like to bet with the house. They are skittish about taking a chance on a new, untried worker who may not fit or grow properly on the job. Replacing  and training people is an expensive venture.

I feel the moral of this cautionary tales is stated best in one of my favorite blogs, “Career Advice” written by Marc Cenedella.   His column can be found at “The Ladders” website. In a post called, “How Your Resume Can Tell Your Story”, one of his guests, Erica Moore-Burton, gives the essence of rule two when she told him,  “A prospective employer has to know that they are not dealing with someone from scratch and there is either a base knowledge or some relevant experience that is going to benefit them…Remember W.I.F.T. … what’s in it for them!”
…And there we have it! In the job market, it is no credit to have a history that looks like Queen Victoria’s wedding dress. Though they would rather not see a worker with a “scarlet woman” history trekking through the door, one with the right shade of pink for the season is always in fashion.

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