Cure for the Common Summertime Job Search Blues

View through my sunglasses

Medicine for the madness


Ahem. Hello? (Is this thing on?)  

Brothers and sisters, it’s summertime in the northern hemisphere.  

The bees are buzzing; the sun is shining and where are you?– inside your house letting the whole glorious season just slip by. Sip a little of the madness of the solstice.  Go outside! Get some sunshine on you. Play with the kids and the dog. Paint the fence long neglected. Weed the flower bed.  Remember what life is really for and life, dear ones, is short.  

Sometimes boredom with the job search, not necessarily discouragement, is a problem. It’s like an itch that gets especially bad in the summer. I can’t speak for you, but I begin to feel that I am putting my life on hold.  I get “antsy”. I become short tempered, impatient and weepy.  Staying inside so much does not help. Let’s shake ourselves of this self induced seasonal depression for a minute. Grab a beach chair in your mind and let’s go”boomer blast” our headspace with the sound of something else besides the click-click-click of the keyboard. Check in on this one educational piece. It’s an article is about getting more “fun” in your search:  

After that, come to a retro concert with me. This is the original version of  “Summertime Blues”  by Eddie Cochran with nothing to disturb your eyes but an ocean view. Love this. However, if you’re really bummed (I’ve been there too), listen to one of Blue Cheer’s versions of the song. The hardest metal on earth. The later the version, the  harder it is. Blue Cheer never sings the spoken parts of the verses, so I suggest you let the meaning sink in first with the original.  Celebrate summer!  

“Summertime blues”


One thought on “Cure for the Common Summertime Job Search Blues

  1. Boredom, depression, “antsy,” short tempered, impatient and weepy…….

    Girlfriend, you know where I live!!!

    Jobhunting is a real drag.

    Kay Lorraine
    Honolulu, Hawaii


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