The “Glory Cloud” Career Path

The Pillar of Fire

Of course, when you accept the description of yourself as “unemployed” you attend all kinds of gatherings generally called, “job fairs”. At one of these events, I became acquainted with one of’s newest job-seeker’s tools: careermapping.

The idea is uber cool. It’s like Mapquest for careers. You go to, click on the “Career Tools” tab and select “career mapping”. It takes you to a screen where you can type in your current job title, your target job’s title, click “go” and get a map of your job journey with various stops along the way. Neat. Works pretty well for the seeker whose path is very straight with clear, linear job moves. However, seekers whose paths are not so straight and career changers  get short shrift as usual.

I typed in, “administrative assistant” as a start point and “inspirational speaker” as an end point. I got a message that said, “no search results” and it suggested I put my target job title in the search box. I did it. Same result. I decided to make it easy on the poor thing. I used, “documentation writer” as an end point. No path came up again. I tried, “writer” as the target job.  Same message.

What can we learn from this experiment, class?

Do you mean to tell me there is no way of making a way from “administrative assistant” to “inspirational speaker” or to “documentation writer”? No. It just means that once again, certain “creatives” have to make their own meandering way through the career wilderness, according to the prevailing wisdom.

Suppose you really are a desk jockey right now and you really do want to be a teacher or a storyteller or an inspirational speaker? Being not able to see any apparent clear path is not an excuse for not practicing sharp awareness and taking big, fat leaps of faith and scary, unusual detours to get to your destination. For you there is nothing better than knowledgeable, loving counselors, solid research,  personal networking plus a strong belief system that connects you to the wisdom of the universe. That spiritual connection is how you’ll know an opportunity when you see it, be able to accept or not accept positions along the way  and when to “turn here. Destination on right”.

In other words, you “follow the glory cloud” (Biblical reference for, “pillar of fire”).


One thought on “The “Glory Cloud” Career Path

  1. Well, boys and girls, I did this experiment, too. And what I learned is that’s careermapping tool sucks big time.

    I am a long-time, experienced Executive Director. I discovered that they only career path choices for me are grantwriting and fundraising. Well, duh! Grantwriting and fundraising have always been part of the Executive Director job function, but when you get to my level you have “development directors” who handling the fundraising duties and report to me. I am a certified grantwriter, and I do sometimes write grants directly, but we often hire someone to do that function because it is so time consuming. So according to, all careerpaths lead BACKWARD. My worst fears confirmed.


    Kay Lorraine
    Nonprofit Executive
    Honolulu, Hawaii


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