Shocking! Acts of Desperate Job Seekers

Being between jobs is no party: hard times are “had by all”. If you are not currently unemployed, you probably know someone who is. Brothers and sisters, we have to hold on. We have to “stand strong”. There are wolves out there seeking what gullible, desperate job-hunter they can devour. To mention their various species, colors and stripes would take much ink and time, but suffice it to say, beware. If it looks too good to be true it often is.

Job-seekers at their wit’s end, seeing their forwarding address as under an I 495 off ramp looming and battered by a lengthy job hunt are ripe to fall for the siren song of “easy money fast”.

Be suspicious of a “recruiter” who asks for fees on the front end,  promising to find you “the perfect job”. Employers pay to list  availabilities on job boards like, Monster and Career Builder.

Citizens of the United States are not allowed to play lotteries in the UK.

Criminals who prey on job seekers often mount “pfishing” scams from fake employment ads. When you are aware of a security breach in any job board you have an app with, close that account  ASAP. Change your passwords.

Lotteries you never entered are no prize for you. Not even from Microsoft.

Beware of email notices from lawyers offering to “represent your interests” for a share of the estate of distant relations who died in “horrible fatal accident” or billionaire strangers who left no heirs.

A “job” with an overseas company wanting you to “receive packages at your home” for pay or say you will earn a commission for brokering check payments through your checking account is a scam.

Neither the CIA, the FBI or the US Postal Service are operating on your behalf to restore your “inheritance”.

What about sob stories from dying heiresses, Iraq war vets and cancer victims? Contribute to your local Red Cross,Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Cancer Society or charitable organization of your choice.

Take the utmost caution when seeking a temporary secret shop job. Ignore the email saying you can get a free shopping spree if you send a completed “survey” about the Moneygram service.

How about a phone call from somebody stranded in a New York City bus station who allegedly has the permission of someone you love to plead to you for cash help? Call the loved one  the person used to get your phone number. Check the story out.

“Meatloaf”, that band of “Rocky Horror Picture Show” fame had a rock and roll top 40 hit with lyrics including, “I’ll do anything for love…but I won’t do that”. The question of the day is not what won’t you do for money, but what shouldn’t you do for money?


2 thoughts on “Shocking! Acts of Desperate Job Seekers

  1. 1. You shouldn’t go into business with your brother-in-law. Trust me on this.

    2. You shouldn’t turn tricks if you’re over 60 — unless you are Sophia Loren.

    3. You shouldn’t try using a fake East Indian accent when attempting to get a telemarketing job.

    4. You shouldn’t lie about your age and pretend to be 15 years older just to qualify for a job as a greeter at WalMart. (Even though, without your makeup, you DO look 15 years older.)

    5. You should never rob a grocery store on a Saturday morning. The take will be much bigger at the END of the day.


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