Unemployed 6 Months Plus? Take A Holiday!

Articles about caring for the body, soul and spirit while unemployed are becoming more plentiful as the current economic crisis drags on. More people seem to need counseling for depression, anxiety, and general illness at a time when work-associated health insurance may be no longer available and funds for services like community mental health clinics have been severely cut.

The longer the time of unemployment, the greater the danger that  job hunting will overrun your life like English ivy. Recognize the symptoms: meals forgotten; sleep ignored; worship neglected; relaxation–what’s that?!  Then one day, while shouting at your spouse or throwing something or weeping for no reason, you realize that job hunting has been allowed to suck the joy out of living.

It’s time to seek out sources of encouragement: find motivational books at the local library; see the sky at least once per day; do something that is just plain fun. Since looking for work is a job, may I suggest taking the occasional “sick day”?  It is  important to mental health to “take a vacation” from job hunting occasionally. Give yourself a gift:  permission to go window shopping, to take a long, hot bath, or read something else beside another book about resumes. You will come back sharper, more refreshed and more able to focus on the task.