Stupid Things To Say In an Interview

If you read enough books about interviewing, you will acquire quite a collection of stellar “Stupid Things Candidates Say At Interviews” stories. (If you’re shaking your head or covering a smirk you just have not been through enough humiliating bombs of interviews.) Of course, fearing you will bomb at an interview because you have no clue how to prepare insures that you will–lesson #1. You will have a mighty harvest of your own stories to tell. Believe that. Before you say something stupid, may I recommend something from Drs. Ron and C. Krannich, folk who have with Nelson Bolles and John Crystal become favorite authors of mine. It’s called,”Nail The Interview”. They handle the subject of interviewing from a victorious mindset in a straightforward, deadly honest, shoot from the hip style with surprisingly classy dry humor. You may just love it so much as to wander over to some of their other books about career choice and handling “red flag issues” in your experience like “job hopping” and “been fired”. If nothing else, it will knock out some of the fear of the unknown. If ¬†extended unemployment has you in the place where buying books is a no-no or you’re just plain frugal, borrow this gem at your local public library.