Looking For Work At Chain Stores?

In 2003, having just recently arrived in the state of Maryland, the most pressing need, of course, was for income. I love to shop, therefore the first thing I do upon arriving in a new town is seek work at places where I am inclined to do business. So, I cruised the shopping mall nearest to home looking for “help wanted” signs to answer. To distill my experience for anyone approaching temporary employment this way, allow me to warn you about certain practices in retailing: Many chain outlets including Rite Aid Drugstores, CVS Drugstores,and Card and Party Outlets always seem have “help wanted” signs posted as a matter of practice. The store may or may not have any immediate interest in hiring at that specific location. The parent corporation uses their stores to harvest applications unto a time when a store needs to hire. Then, they dip into their “barns”. I went to one store, just knowing I could have been hired immediately only to have the personnel tell me point blank that the available position will most likely be filled by one of the staffers who was at that very moment unpacking merchandise on the floor! Cruise the malls, my unemployed brothers and sisters, but take some announcements you will see with a pinch, or you will be in for a lot of heartbreak.


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